The Council was formed following discussions with Transport Canada that identified the need for a professional organisation that would bring administrative order and technical standardization to an  industry in need of assistance.

 The founders George-A.Gowing, engineer and Paulette Lussier Gowing have been involved with the production, compliance testing and .regulatory certification of motor vehicles under the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act and CMVSS regulations since 1970.

The Council believes excellence is achieved by sharing, collection and making available knowledge and expertise from all segments of the industry, not by deception and/or shortcuts.

The Council will promote administrative comprehension and technical competence by working with the industry, organizing, channelling and refining services that exist.  Resolving the problems identified by Transport Canada, Environment Canada & other government Agencies will require an industry effort, not a one man show.

The Council’s communications and operations are inter-active and bilingual in order to respond to needs from across Canada.

Let us know how we can be of service  !

Specialist in product compliance & certification testing