Under the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, Transport Canada audits the compliance of both on road and off road vehicles with specific safety standards. An importer must demonstrate compliance of the vehicles prior to importation.

The Council can assist importers in identifying the applicable standards and in evaluating existing test reports available from the manufacturer. We can then determine if additional testing is required and advise the importer on the best available options. This expedites preparation of the compliance documentation and assures cost efficiency.

The Council will then prepare the compliance file in the appropriate format and submit it on behalf of the importer. In many cases the Council is able to submit a summary of compliance documentation rather than the entire file. This streamlines the evaluation process.

However, what sets the Council apart is that as part of the process we take the time to explain all the administrative and technical aspects of the regulations. Importers or manufacturers working  with the Council gain in knowledge and expertise. That translates into a distinct competitive advantage!

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