Environment Canada controls emissions for both on road and off road vehicles. EPA certificates may be used to certify compliance providing the importer has access to the complete EPA file and can demonstrate concurrent sale.

Canada unique vehicles must be approved prior to importation. Laboratory testing is  expensive and normally requires several weeks to complete. However,  the greatest challenge for importers is to assure that the product actually imported, if audited or tested, duplicates the performance of the test vehicle.  In the event of non-compliance vehicles may be seized.  An importer who has not acted with due diligence may be the subject of a criminal prosecution.

The Council has developed expertise in both the administrative and technical aspects of emissions certification to assist importers in understanding emissions requirements and testing protocols as well as planning and executing a successful certification program.

When it comes to emissions certification, omission and/or non-compliance are not an option!

Specialist in product compliance & certification testing